The Cradle of Democracy

Well, what might I be talking about? Take a look at this breathtaking shot:

Akropolis and the Temple of Zeus

You can easily figure out it’s the Acropolis of Athens with the Parthenon on top to the right. At the left, we can find the Temple Of Zeus. On the flat top rock of Acropolis, you will find many archaeological remains from another time. In fact, the Parthenon itself was completed in 432 BC. It is the temple for the Greek Goddess Athena, who is the city’s virgin patron after having won a contest against Poseidon. The Athenians preferred Athena’s olive tree over Poseidon’s spring.

The shot itself was taken from Mount Lykabettus the first night I arrived in Athens. There also came to be the next one of the Chapel of St. George right on top of Mount Lykabettus.

Chapel of St. George

I did quite a couple of pictures, so I will still have to work on more of them. Everything to be posted soon, furthermore, there’s already some more on Flickr.


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A monumental beauty

Isn’t she? The third highest church building in the world viewed from south. The picture is constructed from 8 single shots I took with my 30mm lens. This building always gives me goosebumps when leaving Cologne central station. Unfortunately you never really see her without any construction going on the façade. Finalized not until in the 19th century the cathedral is one of the most impressive gothic buildings in the world since construction started already on August 15th 1248 (what a number!). The sheer fondness for details when facing the west side might be exuberant enough for quite a while of finding unseen sculptures and arches.


The second shot is stone glyph I found close to the cathedral.


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Cooking madness

Once again, I was eager to cook something delicious for myself. This time: chicken breast fried in eggy batter with couscous and a pepper-chili-tomato sauce. It’s actually pretty easy, and furthermore I won’t give you any advise on how much of what to take, since everybody’s supposed experiment a bit on their own.
The chicken is seasoned first, then roll it in flour and put it in scrambled (but not fried for sure) eggs. The egg should now stick to the chicken breast and hence the whole thing can be but in a pan (but beware, don’t put it too hot).
The sauce has two hearts. On the one hand, it’s a red pepper. Slice it into big pieces, “paint” them with some olive oil and let them bake in an oven (200°C) for a while until the skins get’s black -> now you can remove the skin (it’s not fun, but once you tasted it this way, you know why to bake the pepper first). At the same time, the tomatoes should already cook (fresh, from a can, whatever). Add the second heart: a habanero chili. For the nerds among you: These have usually in between 100.000 und 500.000 Scovilles (easily spoken, you’d need 100,000L – 500,000L of water in order not to taste any pepperiness anymore) -> Don’t ruin your food by exaggerating! In case you had pieces of tomatoes, blend them, to have a creamy sauce.
As a side dish I chose couscous, that suits the whole thing nicely in my opinion. Furthermore, feel free to add salt n pepper and maybe some chicken seasoning.
Bon appetit!

IMG_5791 IMG_5776 IMG_5863 IMG_5887
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Hot Building

Well, so to say. Here we see the former combined heat and power plant of our university, that was rebuild to include work space for students as well as lecture halls. The lighting is realized by LEDs, shining through the aluminium skin.

Orange Orange2 Orange3
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Last monday, our recurring theme of a kebab evening took place. 35kg of premium class turkey meat grilled on a spit was due to be eaten. Fortunately we had our very nimble “Kebab Connection” associated to that job.


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Two weekends ago, we had our annually recurring Winterfest. A Great opportunity to catch people on pictures. This time, I had the wonderful possibility of combining my Sigma 1.4/30mm with a Nissin Speedlite DI866. This made it pretty easy scoring some really great portraits. I picked my favourites and put quite a decent amount of effort into those pics.
What came out is a HighKey experiment, a colour shot featuring some sharpening and d&b techniques as well as a black and white shot that was “dyed” afterwards. As always I would like you to criticise and comment.




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Blind alley

Visiting the city of Remscheid, well known for German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, I took a shot of this “fake” blind alley, the German word for that is “Sackgasse”, as you can see is also the streets name. But I say fake, since it wasn’t a real blind alley. Confused? Don’t get into too many blind alleys yourselves.


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