A few days ago I rented myself a nice little toy. On the one hand, I had a job in photographing to do for commercial pictures, and on the other hand, since I had that lens, I just walked around in Aachen to see what might be an interesting object for wide angle photography. And there is quite a bunch of stuff suiting that purpose.

But let’s come to the technical facts first. The lens was a wide angle zoom. It has an imaging angle of 108° at max (sic!). What a fun. At a best price that is even below 400€ it’s actually the cheapest wide angle for Canon you can get out there, so I was not looking forward too much to quality and imaging quality. But then came the pictures. Some samples do show a decreasing quality and sharpness towards the edge, but as you can see, they’re mostly pretty sharp and decent in quality.

The different things I did were, for sure, architecture (and I don’t actually know a lot about how to take pictures of buildings, so I mainly relied onto my personal taste and feeling when taking a shot) and people. People from above, to be precise.

Evil Mina Daria

And as you might probably know, Aachen’s not too boring as well when it comes to architecture. Especially modern, technical things are well worth being photographed with such a neet lens. Unfortunately most of those buildings have already been shot to death. But you never now whether you might find a new interpretation though. Is it something that has been brought to a picture a million times, try looking for another point of view, another (post processing) interpretation…

SuperC SuperC back

The first one was split toned, the second picture is an HDR, you can see the same building (our university’s office of the registrar) in both. In the second picture it is the building on the right.

Furthermore, we have old buildings as well. I chose some that would never ever fit in a normal lens without any distractions depicted as well. Here we go with the Ponttor, built in the 14th century, and church Heilig Kreuz sited on Pontstraße.

Ponttor Heilig Kreuz

Last But not least, we see the not so long ago new built bureau office of Aachen Münchener insurances.

Aachen Münchener II Aachen Münchener
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