Rudi rocks

Yesterday it was time for a repeating event, a running dinner called “Rudi rockt”, taking place once a semester here in Aachen. The idea is that you build a group of two and prepare one course out of three (starter, main dish, dessert) with your team buddy. For the other two courses, you get two adresses of people you’ve (most probably) never met before. Hence, for each course, you meet four complete strangers and you have little more than an hour to get to know them. But as you can imagine, most of the people taking part in this fun event are astonishingly open minded, a great possibility to encounter friendliness and, furthermore pretty drunk people already after startes. But the point is, in my opinion, to realize how easy it can be to get in touch with people you’ve never known they existed. Nowadays a nice experience in a world that’s sometimes getting a bit too anonymous in my humble opinion.
So if you, reading this from somewhere you don’t have an event like this, why not organize it yourself, it’s definitely worth it. The resonance here is great, out of circa 40.000 students, around 2.000 took part, and furthermore also apprentices may take part.
Some more information you get here, unfortunately German only.

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