Queen’s Day

Remember that list? Changes have been made, hence check marks added. I met my roommates from Trondheim in Delft, to go to Queen’s Day in Amsterdam on Saturday. Never thought so many people could fit into one city. That was exhausting, but a fun thing to do.


Furthermore it’s beautiful thing to meet people again in a group you’d spent quite a while with before, just to realize that not so much hase changed on the character side, that even though there’s been a distance in time, you feel like that did not change a lot. Probably that means you found some special persons.

Since the weather was brilliant and I could borrow Bene’s 50mm f/1.4 lens, I also had quite a lot of fun taking pictures, here you go with a first selection.

For all of those interested in photography among you, these to pictures before I shot by taking the lens off the camera body and playing a bit around. I think, the results are quite impressive, especially for the coffee cup, where I tilted the lens a bit with the upper side towards the front, hence tilting the focal plane.

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