Further thoughts about Greece

It’s been ten days since returning from Greece now. With a little distance that might be a good opportunity to write something more about Greece, its people and the current zeitgeist.

Acropolis Temple Of Athena Nike Dog Day

Media has taught us (especially Germans) a lot about Greece, and the Greek were taught about Germans. Obviously, where else would otherwise expressions like “and by the way, that building over there, Mrs. Merkel paid for it” and, on the other hand “what a lazy bunch of people those Greek are” come from. Indeed, cultural differences can be enormous – depending on how enormous you yourself make them be. A very positive aspect in the last half year that I was given the chance to experience was getting to know a lot of different cultures. And thanks to my two malakes Andreas and Nikos from Athens (Delft… ahm, Trondheim) who are Greek, it made it a bit easier not seeing Greece the way it is to be perceived from tv or the net. Personal experience allowed it to realize, where nowadays problems come from. Who is really aware of Greece being dictated by a military regime until the mid 70s? History’s not always easy, but furthermore, there might also be a lot of things that went wrong in Greek history and economy. I was sheer astonished finding a Greek washing machine at the place where I stayed. You won’t find a lot of stuff produced in Greece (except for higher order Rubik’s Cubes maybe.
The conclusion of all things might be, go and be interested in the single person a nation consists of, since I’d hardly met so open-minded and open-hearted people before.

Beach table Panathinaiko Stadium Stoa Of Attalos
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